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Friday, June 10, 2005


Thank goodness it is Friday. I hope that Kiki and E have a good weekend in vegas and that I don't get too bored without new blogs to read....

Went to the pool last night for 45 minutes, had to leave though because I started to get too chilly. I also did the kickingboxing walk workout.

With all the kicking from swimming and the workout , i started to get a foot spasm. ouch.

Only 3 more days of work!!!!

I have a bridal shower to go to this weekend,...look for the blog.


Ok, so maybe I have become a snob, but I don't like the fact that people who don't live in my complex or even know people in the complex are swimming in our pool . Now granted the pool is by no means crowded, but I have a fear that this summer it will be over crowded and the majority of the people won't even belong. I have no problem with people inviting their friends to go to the pool with them. But two days in a row, I have seen people not affiliated with the complex at all come to the pool and then leave the complex to go home or drive off.