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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


So. I realized I forgot to write about my pictures. I got them back Thursday night . As I look at the pictures in some ways it seems like yesterday, and then it also seems like so long ago. I am glad to have them time for people to see them this summer.

There is hope that my wedding video might be done soon too....hope not promise.


Sorry to all of my faithful blog readers(all 4 of you), I have been a blogger slacker as my sister says.

Its hard sometimes to think of anything exciting to say. I watched parts 1 and 2 of godfather over the weekend. I have watched them once before and fell asleep during them...this time I stayed awake. They are ok , I think they are too long though.

Yes too all those who asked, I am still losing socks... although I am sure they are not losted just a bit misplaced.

I learned from my sister in law who is nine, not to stick things to your head just to see what might happen, as it may leave an unsightly mark that won't go away.

Going to the Moscow state circus tonight, no smelly elephants, I hope it is fun. I shall not tell my sister about any clowns I see.


I think that adults should use playgrounds more often, or they should create adult playgrounds, and no i don't mean anything dirty by that...just places we can go play, with slides that are big enough and swings and stuff like that. ..and I guess you can say that amusement parks are adult playgrounds, but I want to go someplace where we don't get sick.

We went to the park twice this weekend with my mini inlaws . We took the soccer ball with us and on the second trip to the park, i was asked if i play soccer since I kick so well. I guess second grade rec and ed paid off :)

I think after reading simba's mom's blog, that I need to go minature golfing...any takers...of course my husband never reads this so I too can put that I would kick butt. :)