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Monday, May 23, 2005


Ok. So how is it that I managed to work with some weird stain on the front of my shirt and not realize it until I was looking for another stain....

I get on the bus this morning and realize there is a sticky substance on my backpack...I think sap from a tree, but it looks like maple syrup. So I know it has to be somewhere on my shirt sleeve since I had just taken my backpack off of my shoulder and sure enough it was. I get it all off or mostly off with water, and it isn't til I am getting off the bus that I realize that I have a bleach or some other sort of stain that has faded a large portion of my shirt.

Thank goodness we have those dorky blue polo shirts in our office ...which I am now wearing.



So I am a bad weekend blogger, so I shall do the weekend re-cap.
Went to the book festival on Saturday and resisted the temptation to buy any books. Saw Crash and Revenge of the Sith as well on Saturday. After sitting through two movies straight, I had lost feeling in my rear end .

Doing ok on my goal list....I think I should have done one goal at a time instead of trying to tackle them all.