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Monday, May 09, 2005

Are we really sure its Monday

I think if we all decided today was Saturday we could go home. Its worth a try.

Still no sign of the missing gray striped sock.

It is hot here today, and I was forced to turn my office airconditioner on since I can't open the window in my office and the fan was just dragging in pollen.

Oh how I hate pollen. Spring would be a much better time of year for me if we could just get rid of it. I am sick of my eyes and nose and sometimes throat feeling like kid with chicken poxs..the itching never stops.

So I learned my puppy lesson for the weekend, and that is don't rile up the puppy when he is on a rope leash unless you have control of the rope. I have a lovely inch long rope burn across the back of my leg. Its gross looking now. and i'm avoiding wearing long pants since they rub against it.

All and all though, my weekend was good. The cottage was relaxing. Seeing Mom and Dad was good , we had fun shopping, and hanging out.

I think it will be even more fun when they get the pontoon in the water. :)