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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I was reading time magazine about The Best Blogs of 2005 and found this blog called Dooce. Interestingly, this webdesigner was writting this blog and wrote about things that happened at her work and got fired because of it. Now the name of her blog is a dictionary term.

DOOCED: to lose one’s job because of one’s website.

Anyway I have read some of her entries and they are pretty funny. she has the ones she got fired for and more recently one's about her baby, which is why time included her in their best blogs.


At 4:58 PM, Blogger bstab said...

Dude, been reading Dooce since I worked near you! Seriously, Dooce got me through the hell that was MEO. Dooce rocks. Every month she writes a letter to her daughter and it's both touching and sarcastically hysterical all at once.


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