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Saturday, November 26, 2005


So I survived Dual Thanksgiving again. I really need to figure out a better system as doing two thankgivings in one day is really quite draining.

I always end up feeling that I've never spent enough time with my family and that I've spent way too much time with his family. And maybe that will change as time goes on, and I feel more comfortable around his family, but I'm not sure.

The food was good in both places, although I tend to eat my main meal at my Mom's house since it is the food I grew up with and associate with Turkey Day.
After a few hours of Thanksgiving at my Mom's we pack up and head back home to do it again.
The second time around tends to take longer, people arrive late, and the whole process takes longer. There were over 20 people there this year, some I had never met, in fact that my husband had not met, some people I had met only once or twice.

I only ate macaroni and cheese, a few candied yams, a bit of ham and cake at the second t-day. I passed on the greens, and chitlings (eeew). They have a bunch more food choices then we usually do, and a bunch more chaos.

Seeing the little kids at the (card table) kiddie table did remind me of Thanksgivings of long ago.

We drew names for Christmas and once again I got someone I hardly knew. Any ideas what to get a 40 something year old guy who you have no idea what his interests are.


At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every year we do a drawing, and the coordinator (i.e. me) obtains wish lists from everyone. Then I distribute the recipient's wish list to the person who drew the recipient's name. We put a $25 limit on the gifts. That way, we don't end up with crap gifts. Oh, and I completely understand about multiple Thanksgivings. This year we did three in one day. It would have been four, but I drew the line and told him that we'd call his step-grandma on the way to my parents' house. I love dating a child of divorce. Can't wait for Christmas!!!

At 12:53 PM, Blogger bstab said...

I totally get the dual holiday thing. You always feel as though you are giving someone the short end of the stick and it's usually the ones you want to be with.

I say gift cards are good when you don't know someone well. That or Target comes up with awesome gifts even if you don't know the person well...either their food sets or the stuff they have in the men's department (like a tip calculator or a car detailing kit...stuff they'd never buy themselves anyway).


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