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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sorry for the delay in blogging.

I must apologize for my absence of blogging, but I must say in my defense, I've been a very busy girl.
I had planned to take this week off as a relaxing vacation. These plans changed early last week when I got a call to attend the oprah winfrey show . I had recently been filing out last minute email requests for tickets and had filled out one for people who were fans of Beyonce. Now keep in mind this was one of a few I had filled out and thought nothing of it...i would never get tickets. Well, surprise surprise, I got the call from the Oprah Show to come to the show about week(11/8) in Chicago. I called my sister and told her I got the tickets and booked the train tickets and sure enough I was going to go to Oprah in less then a week.
Most of the rest of my last week flew by fast, was busy at work. The weekend was good, hung out with my husband, enjoyed our first anniversary. (boy how time flies).

Then Monday afternoon it was off to Chicago, I was able to hangout with Ms. nrgibby for a bit and then off to my sisters apartment.

(next entry...coming soon...all about oprah)


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