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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

School Projects

As I watch my little sis in law (she's 10) toil over two school projects due two weeks apart, I am quick to recall my many school projects. It also makes me remember how helpful my mom was in encouraging me and also hands on with the actual project.

J who has both a leaf project due the 25th and a indian project due the 31st, is a bit overwhelmed to say the least.
I have helped her the last two nights over the phone Monday as she attempted to type her Indian paper (which is supposed to be 6 pages double spaced) into word and last night as she needed to find the Genus and species of various trees for her leaf project.

Now I guess I was lucky that I had a mom who was willing to help on these projects and also able to help me figure out how to do them.

My mother in law is not very computer savvy and so I have been doing my best to help J learn how to use microsoft word and also the internet to search for information for her reports.
Thank goodness she is a quick learner and has a good memory.

I know that they are greatful for my help and I don't mind doing it, but I keep thinking to my self that things are only going to get harder .


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