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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Parks

Last night, Rosa Parks died. Because I live near Detroit, at least near enough to be in the local viewing area of Detroit anyway, the news flashed across my screen most of the evening and actually took over tv viewing for some portions of prime time.
Now I have been one to complain about such interruptions, but I actually was ok with it this time.

It has often been discusse what role Rosa Parks actually played in the civil rights movement, it has become common knowledge that she refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man in Alabama, and that her arrest lead to the start of the bus boycotts, but most people don't realize is that that Parks was a former secretary of the NAACP and adviser to the NAACP Youth Council. Rosa had been evicted from buses before, but this time she refused to give in.

"Her arrest and trial led to a 381-day bus boycott that led to the desegregation of buses and trains across the South. Her name became history when the Supreme Court ruled in 1956 that segregated transportation violated the U.S. Constitution." (taken from the detroit free press)

That was 50 years ago.

It is weird to think that 50 years wasn't that long ago, that 50 years ago our country was that drastically different.
But the again, we can't say that things are prefect now because they aren't. I hope that there are more people out there with the strength and spirit of Rosa Parks.


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