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Thursday, September 22, 2005


I was reminded by my sister that although I did cut myself today ,that I have done things that were much more klutzy.

Picture this, I am in ninth grade and havev a health class project that entails cutting out the bones of the human body to make a skelelton.

My mom had purchased poster board for me and had given me an exacto knife.

I was hard at work cutting out the pieces of the skeleton with the poster board sitting on my lap when I accidentally sliced a 2 inch long gash in my thigh by cutting too hard into the card board.

Sad thing is that I have a scar from it.

Kiki also reminded me of the scar on the left arm- earned in a fight with my sister while visiting my cousin's cottage. I am not sure what we were fighting over, and I'm sure it wasn't important, but we were agruing and my cute younger sister scratched me with her nails.

I have other scars and injuries i could bring up...but at the risk of repeating the same stories to people who have already heard them, I will save them for another time.


At 7:35 AM, Blogger Dog Lover said...

those exacto knives still scare me!


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