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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Just wanted to remind anyone that has this site bookmarked, that I am still blogging, but am now over at vox. Feel free to visit me

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So I've moved to vox, but I don't think my readers have moved with me, as no one is commenting and now I feel lonely

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I have decided to move to a new location. Feel free to visit me. I think you need to have a login to comment. If you need one and want to comment, I can send you an invite.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Walking revisited

Back to mall walking I am , I figure it can't hurt to do it, even though at times I find it not very entertaining. This morning we walked for about 40 minutes before work.

I need to work strength training back into my plan. I think I shall do it today and Saturday officially and any other days i can fit in will be good.

Not much is going on today, I am without student staff most of the week, so I am on phone duty most afternoon.

I am excited that Prison Break is back on Tonight.

I found out after emailing that i didn't get the first job I applied for, nice of them to finally tell me.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

shower update

Yesterday was my sister's wedding shower and I think things turned out well. I hope to post pictures soon of the decorations, we did a tropical type theme with blues/purple/orange. We used drink umbrellas to encorporate the shower theme. It was a small shower, and we all went to the paint your own pottery place and each created a piece. I did a toothbrush holder. I will post a picture when I get it back.

After the pottery, we went back to the house for gifts and cake. I think things went pretty well. My sister looked like she had a lot of fun so thats what matters most. Because so many people couldn't be there, I put together a scrapbook with stories from her friends and pictures and she really liked that.

I made the hungry girl virgin margarita (100 calorie margarita without tequilla) and that turned out really well.

I had one piece of cake and some ice cream, and a few piece of candy. We did a build your own favor with sand pails filled with candy.

So I didn't do to horribly with eatting.

I tried on my dress and saw my sister in her's . She looks so beautiful.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pre-shower run and shower

Woke up this morning early to go running with my mom and husband , it was already in the 70's and raining at 8am. We went out anyway . We went to local outdoor park with a pebbled track and ran 2.5 miles in about 35 minutes. We did some walking intertwined , the rain which was nice to run in stopped half way through and it ended up being much hotter then when we originally went out. The run was good. We have begun prepping for the shower , which doesn't start until 3. I will tell you more about the shower and how things turned out later. We are going to a make your own pottery place so if my piece turns out cute, i will share with you.

Still no word on the new job front, I emailed one of the places that Interviewed with almost 3 weeks ago, no answer. I have a job , so I don't need to find a new job, just looking for something different.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Short posts

I guess this has been the week of short posts. Sorry about that. I really just don't have much to report. I am prepping for my sister's shower tomorrow and can't spill any information about it here since she reads this . We are going to a pottery place it should be fun. I am also running tomorrow morning with my mom and husband before we prepare for the party.

Sunday my sister in law is turning 11 so I am not sure what fun activity we will be doing that day.

I'm excited to see my sister and her dress and talk about the wedding stuff.

Still no word on the job front from either interview. weird. Not even a regection letter.

I am still struggling to figure out what running plan is right for me right now. need new shoes and until I get them I think any long runs are going to be less comfortable then I would like.

Good news that at least the last few days my eatting habits have improved. Less fat, less junk, more fruits and veggies.